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California College of Natural Medicine -- CCNM's focus is on traditional naturopathy along with non-invasive energy medicine such as homeopathy and Qi Gong healing, integrative wellness, neuro-physiology, bio-neuro-hormonal health, naturopathic assessment and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming...

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Florida Academy-- We are Southwest Florida's Premier Massage Therapy School. Graduates then sit for the Florida State Boards and, upon passing, receive both a Florida license and a National Certification...

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Golden Gate Feng Shui School

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Golden Gate Feng Shui School
Oakland CA

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About Golden Gate Feng Shui School

GGFSS is one of the leading schools of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui in the country. For over 10 years students from around the world have chosen this academy for its internationally renowned faculty members and a curriculum designed to illuminate the depth of this field.

By offering a strong foundation in the historical context and philosophical underpinnings of feng shui, our students are able to understand its application and practice in an integrated manner. Elegantly simple and technically intricate, feng shui can be approached from a range of depths. Our curriculum offers students the opportunity to study at any level.

Certification Curriculum in Traditional Chinese Feng Shui

Feng shui is primarily concerned with the movement and containment of qi (energy) as well as the relationship between heaven (vibrational world), earth (our environment) and humanity (us). More simply put, feng shui examines the nature of change.

Our foundational curriculum explores the following subjects
as they relate to Traditional Chinese Feng Shui:

  • History of Feng Shui
  • Eastern Cosmology
  • Form and Application
  • Introduction to the Luopan Compass
  • Bazhai Mingjing Solutions
  • Nine Star Qi Astrology
  • Landform and Topography

Detailed Class Schedule

History of Feng Shui - with Liu Ming

This class surveys history in central and northern Asia. Focusing on the human relationship to nature, we follow the transition of nomadic life to sedentary agricultural life at the foundation of Chinese civilization. Upon completion, students will have insight into the unique history of TCFS.
Eastern Cosmology - with Liu Ming

Ming gua and bazhai compass methods are used for determining the auspicious and inauspicious locations and directions for individuals and structures. We will explore the supportive positions for optimum potential in areas of business, health, relationships, and sleep.
Introduction to luopan compass - with Daniel Hudson and Howard Choy

Nine Star Ki Astrology - with Robert Sachs and Manu Butterworth

Nine Star Ki is the Japanese name of a system also used by the Chinese and the Tibetans.

Those unfamiliar with astrology can apply its wisdom; and at the same time, seasoned astrologers and practitioners of feng shui will deepen their elemental understanding and how the elements effect communication at home and work. For feng shui practitioners Nine Star Ki helps explain why clients communicate the way they do and why particular clients can work with some solutions and ideas better than others.

Overview of geomancy, the western cousin of feng shui, with its broad multi-disciplinary approach to living in harmony with the Earth, and strengthening our sense of place and community.

Floor Plans - Reading, Measuring and Drawing - with Irene Lo

In this class, students will learn how to read and create floor plans to scale. Floor plans are essential for working with the lopan compass as well as helpful in understanding the size and scale of interior environments and the relationships between various spaces. In feng shui and design applications a good floor plan offers clients and practitioners a valuable perspective and a practical way to engage the space they are working with.


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