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California College of Natural Medicine -- CCNM's focus is on traditional naturopathy along with non-invasive energy medicine such as homeopathy and Qi Gong healing, integrative wellness, neuro-physiology, bio-neuro-hormonal health, naturopathic assessment and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming...

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Florida Academy-- We are Southwest Florida's Premier Massage Therapy School. Graduates then sit for the Florida State Boards and, upon passing, receive both a Florida license and a National Certification...

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Alliance Membership Information & About Us

Welcome to the Healing-Schools Alliance (HSA) membership information page. Our goal for our alliance members is simple and focused: to bring more qualified student leads to you. You'll soon notice that we are not your typical automated directory service, but a lead generator and online advisor with real live account managers and same day response rates!

Highlight your school or education program on this site and increase qualified student leads! We will even assess your site for search engine effectiveness (read more).

Healing-Schools impressed us from the start. After just over a month in, we received 9 student leads! The customer support and response rate is excellent." -- Dr. Oreon Masters, Ph.D., President, Universal University of Holistic Spirituality

Focused Student Audience
The Healing-Schools directory attracts serious students that are actively or passively looking for a healing arts school. We are not a massive "all-in-one" directory with robotic automatic listings, but rather we screen all school submittals (via human) and if they don't match our criteria they are not listed. This attention to focus is our greatest asset.

Your Online Presence
We realize that the better qualified the student lead, the faster the enrollment cycle and admissions expenses are reduced. Market research shows that the alternative medicine and healing arts students are mostly online and receive their primary research online. Our commitment to maximizing our search engine optimization results is taken very seriously, hence the low number of graphics, flash animation or other website features that slow down a site and decrease searchability. We are listed on the top page of thousands of relevant key word results for approximately 90% (and growing) of the search engines in the U.S. (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). For current traffic information, please email us, info (at) healing-schools (dot com) .

Joining the Healing-Schools Alliance
The benefits of becoming an annual HSA member are:

  • Highlighted in main listing. Increased font size, bold text, link to profile page, logo and longer description for your school in each category or state you are submitting to. See example>>
  • Separate school profile page. When a student finds your school, they can click on your school profile page where you can detail your school with pictures, text, testimonials, etc. See example>>
  • Homepage highlight. Your school will be highlighted on the homepage for four weeks, for one week intervals within the 12-month membership period.
  • Assigned Healing-Schools Account Manager. Each school will have a designated Account Manager that will help you through each step and follow-up with your membership throughout the year. We pride ourselves in 24-hour or less turnaround time (Mon-Fri) by phone or email!

Advertising Next Steps

Are you interesting in receiving student leads? Email info (at) healing-schools (dot com) for pricing information.

If you are not representing a school you can still advertise with a top exclusive banner or global button. Email us at info (at) healing-schools (dot com)

About Us

We realize that choosing a career is a complex task that should not be taken lightly . Many of the students in the healing arts are older students searching for a meaningful career. We understand these special concerns and have created an effective school search and career center to further help make this critical decision.

"The profile you helped us out with looks great! Thanks for making this happen so quickly." -- Ghadeer, Massage Therapy Training Insitute

Word of mouth is the best form of flattery and a great way to spread the word about us. Please tell your friends about us and good luck in your new caring career!

Found a school through us? Found a job with our help? If you answered yes, we would like to hear from our success stories. Email us at info (at) healing-schools (dot com).