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California College of Natural Medicine -- CCNM's focus is on traditional naturopathy along with non-invasive energy medicine such as homeopathy and Qi Gong healing, integrative wellness, neuro-physiology, bio-neuro-hormonal health, naturopathic assessment and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming...

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Florida Academy-- We are Southwest Florida's Premier Massage Therapy School. Graduates then sit for the Florida State Boards and, upon passing, receive both a Florida license and a National Certification...

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Reiki Blessings Academy

Reiki Blessings Academy,
PO Box 2000,
Byron, GA, 31008

To place your order over the phone or to inquire about our academy, call: 800-79-REIKI

Website: www.reikiblessings.com
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Health is in the Palms of Your Hands!

We are all born with the ability to be healers. It is through time that our connection to this gift gets weaker. We are constantly told that we must surrender our health to the "professionals" or "experts" only to find out that there is nothing that can be done for our particular "imbalance". This doesn't have to be the case. Now is the time for us to take charge of our health and the health of our families. Natural, Complementary & Alternative Healing are beginning to get the attention they have always deserved.

Now is the time to get involved!

Our Mission

Reiki Blessings Academy has been started in order to pass on the healing methods that have been taught since ancient times. These methods are not just for the healing of our physical bodies, but for our entire beings - Physical, Emotional/Mental, Creative, & Spiritual.

Reiki Blessings Academy's mission is to keep the cost of holistic education as low as possible and train anyone with a true desire to grow and learn.

Our purpose is to spread Love, Healing, and Spiritual Growth.

With approximately three thousand students in about fifty countries since the conception of the Reiki Blessings website in 2001, Reiki and Holistic Healing are no longer an exclusive club available only to the extremely wealthy.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can learn and become certified in these methods of growth and development in the comfort of their own home through the Reiki Blessings Academy!

Reiki Master Course

Taught by Alli Dahlhaus

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*This home study course consists of a Singular Distance/Remote Usui Reiki Attunement to the Master level (Levels I and II are also included), Reiki Master Handbook written by Alli Dahlhaus, Reiki Master/Teacher, Assignments and Lessons, a Final exam and Case studies that are to be mailed in to receive your Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate.

There is no time limit on this course and you should follow it at your own pace.*

*The Complete Reiki Master Attunement*

This Attunement is for all levels, whether you are a beginner or Level I or II. Once you receive this attunement you will have been initiated as a Reiki Master and will be able to successfully give Reiki to yourself and others, send distance healings, give Attunements, and teach Reiki to others. Of course the attunement itself does not substitute knowledge, commitment, and experience, which are also a must in Reiki. This will come through the rest of the course.

You will be attuned or re-attuned to levels I and II with this attunement as well.

Distance Attunements are just as effective as hands on attunements. I do not say this because I want you to take my course, I say it because this has been my experience.

I have given about 1000 distance attunements and all have fully connected the student with the Source of Reiki.

"I have been doing Reiki-hypnosis, with amazing results, in person, and distance as well. The Doctor that I work for is very impressed with the comments from my clients. I owe you very much because of the education that you have provided, that money could never repay."

Love & Reiki

Celine, CA

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