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California College of Natural Medicine -- CCNM's focus is on traditional naturopathy along with non-invasive energy medicine such as homeopathy and Qi Gong healing, integrative wellness, neuro-physiology, bio-neuro-hormonal health, naturopathic assessment and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming...

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Florida Academy-- We are Southwest Florida's Premier Massage Therapy School. Graduates then sit for the Florida State Boards and, upon passing, receive both a Florida license and a National Certification...

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Career Information: Colonic Therapy

Specialty Colonic Therapy
Official Resource The Association & Register Of Colon Hydrotherapists -- http://www.colonic-association.org/
Short Definition
Also known as a "colonic", "colon lavage", colon irrigation", or "high colonic", colonic hydrotherapy is a safe, effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material by repeated, gentle flushing with water.

Expanded Information

Your visit to a registered colonic therapist will involve the taking of your case history followed by an explanation of the procedure. The colonic itself will take 30-45 minutes during which time water will be gently introduced into the colon via the rectum whilst your therapist uses special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter. Your modesty is preserved at all times. Herbal and probiotic implants may be used and your practitioner may advise beneficial dietary changes to further enhance your treatment. No fasting or special measures are necessary prior to a first treatment but colon cleansing programmes may be advised between sessions.

You may visit a Registered Colon Hydrotherapist with confidence. To be registered, a therapist must either have been trained and experienced in orthodox medicine (e.g. doctor, dentist or nurse), or have satisfactory training in anatomy and physiology and considerable training and experience in a body based therapy. Subsequently they will have been trained at one of the approved (and inspected) Colonic Hydrotherapy training colleges. The premises of therapists are inspected prior to their admission to the Register and these are periodically re-inspected.