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California College of Natural Medicine -- CCNM's focus is on traditional naturopathy along with non-invasive energy medicine such as homeopathy and Qi Gong healing, integrative wellness, neuro-physiology, bio-neuro-hormonal health, naturopathic assessment and NeuroPhysical Reprogramming...

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Florida Academy-- We are Southwest Florida's Premier Massage Therapy School. Graduates then sit for the Florida State Boards and, upon passing, receive both a Florida license and a National Certification...

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Career Information: Shiatsu



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Short Definition
A Japanese bodywork technique utilizing traditional acupuncture points, but employing manipulation and pressure from the thumbs, fingers and palms rather than needles or mechanical instruments. Shiatsu reinforces joints and muscles, and focuses on the efficient flow of energy throughout the meridians and autonomic nervous system.

Expanded Information
Shiatsu is both a form of physical manipulation and a means towards the growth of body, mind and spirit, combining a finely tuned intuition, understanding of oriental diagnosis, posture and breathing. The unique quality of Shiatsu is that it emphasises efficient bodily movement and perception from one's true physical and spiritual centre.

Shiatsu technique involves stretching, leverage and leaning your weight into various parts of the recipient's body to encourage greater harmony of energy, circulation, flexibility and postural integrity. Many of the techniques are applied to the same system of energy channels or 'meridians' as used in acupuncture, although in Shiatsu each channel is felt to cover a greater area of the body.

Studying Shiatsu will your allow mind, body and spirit to come into greater harmony so that you can look, feel and be healthier, as well as help others.